Looking for a fun slot machine to play? Check out the Eldorado's latest additions on the casino floor: Aristocrat's newest slot game, Batman™ Classic TV Series Slot Game Powered by Wonder Wheels™ and POW! a ZAP! and a BAM!.

Batman™ Classic TV Series Slot Game Powered by Wonder Wheels™ puts a triple spin on fun on the casino floor. The exciting $250,000 multi-site progressive game features still and video imagery from the classic TV series with Adam West and three mechanical wheels that increase player engagement. Game play is enhanced by stacked wilds, six themed bonus features, video clips from the TV series, and a highly anticipatory wheel feature trigger.

Completely new to the industry is the independent wheel function of Wonder Wheels™, which allows the players on the bank to continue uninterrupted when another player hits a trigger and engages wheel-mode.

The Eldorado is also the first downtown property to offer IGT's newest theme, Venture to Never Isle featuring exciting bonuses and progressives. Venture to Never Isle, a well-loved theme and two game multi-pack that introduces 'Players Pulse' where players can choose their playing experience.

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