Whitney Peak opened as downtown Reno’s first nonsmoking and non-gaming hotel in June 2014 — a move that set the property apart in a major way. Since that time, this boutique hotel has continued to thrive by doing things differently. For example, executive-level employees at Whitney Peak can bring their pets to work, and staff members are encouraged to embrace their own unique styles. In a nod to its appealing corporate culture, the company was named one of the five Best Places to Work in Northern Nevada for 2016.

“Whitney Peak is an environment unlike the other hotel properties in Reno. The design is cutting edge, and we provide luxury service in a casual and approachable environment,” said Niki Gross, managing director of Whitney Peak. “We feel as though the personalities of our employees reflect the culture of the brand and really play into the experience that our guests have come to know and love.”

Individuality and culture

According to Gross, tattoos, piercings and casual dress are staples among the Whitney Peak staff and mesh well at a hotel that attracts guests based on its distinctive mix of amenities, which include fine dining, an on-site concert venue and the world’s tallest climbing wall. The property also features the BaseCamp Climbing Gym, with access to indoor boulders and a traditional fitness facility, along with regular group fitness classes.

“We aim to celebrate what the locals know and love about Reno, which is the art, culture, music and food scenes that are rapidly growing — not to mention, geographically, Reno is one of the most beautiful and accessible places to live in the United States,” said Gross. “Unfortunately, that is still a well-kept secret for most of the world. Our goal was to bring attention to the natural beauty that exists here and to celebrate that further by offering different experiences that speak to that part of the region.”

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Perks on the property

To the delight of Whitney Peak employees, the hotel offers such experiences to its own personnel as well. Gross said staff members receive free memberships to the BaseCamp Climbing Gym, as well as free concert tickets to many of the shows that take place at Cargo Concert Hall. Those who work office-based jobs at the property can also take advantage of bringing pets to work.

“Many of the executive-level employees bring their furry friends to work on nearly a daily basis,” said Gross. “We are a pet-friendly operation and feel as though these creatures are members of our families and invite them to spend their days with us rather than sitting home by themselves.”

She added, Whitney Peak management was happy to confirm via the Best Places to Work award that its employees appreciate these benefits along with the overall company culture. The award is based on feedback from confidential employee surveys, analyzed by an outside firm.

“The number-one important thing to our business is the investment we make in the staff,” said Gross. “Providing a happy, healthy work environment where individuals feel empowered to perform at their highest levels only adds to the experience we are able to bring to our guests.”

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